Friday Bench: Cava Grande

Bench at Cava Grande del Cassibile nature reserve

Another guest bench and another new country – yippee! It’s from my regular guest benchers Steve and Lu this time, via their holiday in Sicily earlier this year.

They visited the Cava Grande del Cassibile nature reserve, near Syracuse. It sounds wonderful from this description… and looking at that bench, of course:)

Living on the Edge

Geraniums and vintage car on the outskirts of Chippenham

I’m exploring some of the wildflowers which are blooming right on the outskirts of Chippenham and Geranium pratense is an abundant native wildflower here in Wiltshire. I often see it at this time of year in the Donkey Field on my walks into town.

It also likes the approach to Chippenham and I had a serendipitous encounter recently with it and a vintage car which must have been out on a run from an event at Castle Combe.

This way to the Roof Garden

Signs to the Roof Garden at Crossrail Place

At first, finding your way to the Roof Garden at Crossrail Place is quite hard. It’s not on the official guidance outside the Tube station, and the first signs you see later on your way are tiny and easily missed.

Then when you’re almost there, the signs are HUGE. It’s as if they’re making up for the lack of signage elsewhere.


Friday Bench: A Big Comfy Chair

Friday Bench: A comfy chair

I had to quietly wait to take this photo as there was a lady in front of the chair talking to someone on her mobile phone. When she  finished and realised I was there I was regarded with grave suspicion and tersely asked ‘What do you want?’

My reassurance that I wanted to take this photo hardly helped. Her suspicious, bad tempered look changed into incredulity as her thoughts considered the possibility she had a loony in the ladies loo with her!😉

The view out the window is into Liverpool Street station.


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