Hanham Court Garden II

Hanham Court 05072009 093

Lead downpipe detail


7 thoughts on “Hanham Court Garden II”

  1. Hi Lucy,

    I’ve changed it to another option. Let me know if this is acceptable. The other options are blank or something that looks like a patchwork quilt, both of which I think are quite boring!

    As for the 3772 other ones I think I need another visit to find them 😉

  2. Sorry about all these notes, don’t bother to post them – just to let you know – if I point the arrow to my name, the snapshot comes up with a picture of this page!


  3. Mine used to be a rather jolly Christmas tree with this option. I quite miss that one.

    Thanks for the feedback on what’s happening when you use the site. Please bear with me whilst I get used to WordPress. I’ve not seen that happen with me when I’m commenting on other WP blogs. I suspect I’ve got one of the settings not quite right. I’m also rather mystified why I’m still having to approve your comments as I’ve just taken off the setting!

    Sigh. No doubt all will become clear at some point!

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