Friday Bench: Weymouth

Dorset 030

Just an ordinary bench, but with an extraordinary view…


6 thoughts on “Friday Bench: Weymouth”

  1. Hi Gerald and welcome! I hope this tempts you down from the north for a little exploration. Dorset is a beautiful county.

    Just after this photo was taken I sat down on the bench and got chatting to a delightful couple from Middlesex. They’d been wanting to go on an open deck bus trip, but it was full. Instead they’d decided to take a walk along the coast and I’d heard their exclaims of delight over the view for quite some time before they paused at the bench for a bit of a breather 🙂

  2. Well, that does indeed look familiar.

    Once, when it was winter but incredibly blue and sunny, someone coming across this same view by surprise said it reminded them of The Solomon Islands. In turn, that was one of the most surprising things I have heard anyone say!

  3. Hi 3C – part of my conversation with that couple centred around not having to go abroad when the view’s like that 🙂

    So, Solomon Islands? Pffft!

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