Thieves In Da Council

Canalside Bath 12092009 032 (1)

I’ve pondered these buildings many times over the past 25 years on my daily commute to Bristol as the train often stops opposite them on the way into Bath. I could never understand why Georgian houses could be left in such a state. It seems they were compulsorily purchased for a scheme which never reached fruition. Since then they’ve become a squat, a drugs den, a target for graffiti and goodness knows what else.

According to the signs on the railings at street level, planning permission is now being sought to convert them into flats.

2 thoughts on “Thieves In Da Council”

  1. better late than never, i suppose! it’s such a pity that so much housing stands empty while so many are homeless (or nearly so).

    1. Petoskystone – I believe it was a squat for a very long time, so the homeless took it for themselves. Bath’s an expensive city to live in – the canal’s only a few yards from where I took this photo and there are issues with the number of barges moored on there for housing too.

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