Friday Bench: Kilver Court

Kilver Court 20092009 051

A lovely, tranquil garden whose peace was being shattered at the time this photo was taken (last Sunday afternoon), as there was a dance class taking place in the building in front of my bench sitters.


3 thoughts on “Friday Bench: Kilver Court”

  1. Lucy – perhaps the lady on the left is on her way to becoming one?

    I thought I was being an awful photographer as I couldn’t get everything lined up symmetrically for the photo, but I now realise that everything’s just slightly off centre with each other!

    Petoskystone – we complained about it at the time. When I review the garden on Veg Plotting later on this week, I’ll be sending the owners a link. The prices in the tea room are shocking as well! It’s a pity because the garden itself is great.

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