Friday Bench: Station Hill

Station Hill

This is at the top of Station Hill outside the disused Royal Mail sorting office. The hill’s quite steep, but this is the first time I’ve seen it being used.

I’m also pondering the flowers as they’re quite different to those seen elsewhere in the centre of town. I’m wondering if they were provided by someone other than the Town Council.


2 thoughts on “Friday Bench: Station Hill”

  1. Hmm. They might be the work of a guerrilla gardener. These folk step out in the dead of night to liven up flowerbeds that local councils don’t have much flair for looking after. If it’s not like the other flower arrangements in town, it’s probably down to the work of an enterprising individual!

    1. Jorrit – welcome! You could be right – I like the thought of there being another guerrilla gardener here in Chippenham 🙂

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