Normal Service Will be Resumed ASAP

Last Friday (16th Oct) my PC screen decided to give up the ghost. My husband has rigged up the spare laptop (a very old one), so I can at least still talk to you, but it’s not set up to access my photographs 😦

Which means I’m a bit stuffed as far as a photography blog is concerned. Rest assured I’ll be back ASAP. I have got a post set up for next Sunday at the very least!

In the meantime, I’ll be endeavouring to keep things going over at Veg Plotting.


2 thoughts on “Normal Service Will be Resumed ASAP”

    1. Hi Lucy – yes it’s just as you describe 😦

      Trouble is, I keep on thinking of posts and then I remember that the picture to illustrate it is on the PC. Hopefully we’ll be able to get something rigged up (if not a proper fix) over the next couple of days.

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