Living Roof

Westonbirt 14102009 004

Green or Living Rooves are a hot topic at the moment. They add to a place’s biodiversity and are a good insulator. Of course the structure needs to be super strong to bear the weight of the soil and plants and only shallow-rooted plants such as sedums, grasses and some wildflowers and other alpines are suited to this kind of area.

The cafe at Westonbirt is the first larger-scale example of this kind of installation I’ve seen.

2 thoughts on “Living Roof”

  1. wildflowers growing would be quite pleasing. chicago & (lately) new york city gov’ts. are pushing rooftop gardens on as many bldgs. as possible. new york city has been innovative in where the are planting green space!

    1. That’s happening a lot in the UK too – both green rooves and roof top gardens. There’s a big push to establish a lot more of the latter in London, for example.

      I took a photo of one from street level in Bristol a couple of months ago – I must rootle it out ready for posting…

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