What Makes a Picture?

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A couple of weeks ago I published a picture of this tree over at Veg Plotting because it was the most spectacular combination of lighting, leaf colour and structure I’d found on the day. My intention was to focus on the tree and so waited quite a while for the family to move before I took the second photo shown above.

However, it’s the first photo I took within seconds of arriving at the scene which I actually published.

Do you think my choice the right one?

2 thoughts on “What Makes a Picture?”

  1. Yes.


    Agree this is a surprise though because I go to all sorts of lengths (time!) to make sure there are no people in my pictures.

    On the other hand – the tree on the left is missing in the lower photo and I think the foreground shadow is lighter too.

    That aside, the family gives a sense of scale which would be missing otherwise.


    P.S. I usually take several of the same thing in case the camera wobbles first time etc. I don’t know why I bother though. It’s almost always the first one that I use. L.

  2. Lucy,

    Agreed – the highlights are a little washed out in the second picture, but even if I’d taken it from exactly the same spot, I think I’d still go for the first picture.

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