Cowley Road

Cowley Road Street Art Oxford 25102009 045 (2)

The Cowley Road in Oxford reflects the cosmopolitan side of this part of the city. There’s all kinds of shops, cafes and restaurants, selling all manner of things. This particular row of shops is the most striking as the entire upper floor of the terrace is covered in graffiti art.


6 thoughts on “Cowley Road”

  1. Good to see something of interest in the Cowley Road. When I lived just outside Oxford the Cowley Road could have been entered in a competition for the most boring place in the world.


    1. As someone who spent 3 years of her life sighing with frustration, stuck in the traffic queues on the Botley Road, I have to agree with you RO!

  2. I sit in those queue’s every week VP, so much of my life seems to be me just sat in a car going nowhere on the Botley Road. It is a dull road, the most excitement I ever get is having to move the car to one side to let an ambulance pass and race off onto the A34!

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