Bonfire II

Singing to Fireworks 07112009 038 (10)

This one’s for Jonquil who said last week she was looking forward to seeing the results of our bonfire night parties. I must admit I did have one of those massive ones in mind with loads of people gathered around it, but the one at the party we attended turned out to be a fire pit instead.

However, it was still most welcome to gather round after singing to the fireworks in the rain on Saturday night. One of the other attendees joked that I should be careful: taking a picture like this one was bound to melt the insides of my camera. My husband joked back we’d be using it later to warm up the car before the heater could do so.

There’s more over at Veg Plotting a little later today on what we were up to on Saturday 🙂


2 thoughts on “Bonfire II”

  1. thank you! oh, that looks *warm*:) the weather has gone from damp,chill, & windy to a warm spring-y day back down to damp & chill! a warm fire pit was nice to see this a.m.

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