Cloaked Horseman

This is on Lewins Mead in Bristol, not far from the Christmas Steps. There’s a plaque on the red brick wall which reads:

Cloaked Horseman

by David Backhouse

Commisssiooned by Haslemere Estates and presented by them to the City of Bristol in 1984.

This was the year we got married, moved to the south-west and I started my first job in Bristol.


2 thoughts on “Cloaked Horseman”

  1. do you know why haslemere commissioned a cloaked horseman? i like the movement in the horses’ head.

    1. Sorry, I’ve no idea – just having a plaque there is more information than usual. I’ve passed that spot many times, but never noticed the sculpture before and I thought it was wonderful. Perhaps I’d been in too much of a hurry before, whereas on Thursday I was just wandering around, following wherever my footsteps were taking me.

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