Coat of Arms II

This just off Park Street made me smile. I’m not sure if I’m in Charlotte Street or Great George Street at this point. I climbed up a few steps to take this shot, which might give a clue to my actual location.

This link has more information on the artist, but it inaccurately says it’s on Park Street. Strictly speaking the building it’s on is on Park Street, but the piece itself faces onto a side street!


4 thoughts on “Coat of Arms II”

  1. One of my regrets is not photographing a sign painted on a wall above a shop which said ‘World Headquarters’. It was very professionally done but didn’t say World Headquarters of what. It’s painted over now (having been there for years, I was fooled by its impression of permanence) but perhaps there should have been a notice beside it which said ‘Coat of Arms’.

    Is your coat with arms riding a dragon?


  2. Bother, I keep doing this – going somewhere to wish someone a Happy Christmas then getting caught up with their post and wandering off without saying it. So HAPPY CHRISTMAS VP – and I hope 2010 will be brilliant.


  3. Lucy – yes, it blurs the difference between ‘good’ and ‘bad’ graffiti doesn’t it?

    It looks like a dragon, but I think it’s a cloud?

    Hope Christmas was fun!

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