Harder Times?

If this building could talk and judging by the date, I wonder what:

a) stories it would tell and…

b) if it had any idea it would house a newsagents and health centre over 550 years later

Somehow I feel it’s fallen on harder times, especially as the streetscape in front is a tad messy.


2 thoughts on “Harder Times?”

  1. hmm the ebb & flow of life! however, whoever owns the place has spent some time & effort to keep it painted & kept, so maybe it’s not that bad.

  2. It’s a listed building (a register of historic building that are worth preserving) so it should be kept pretty smart, though the listed status will be a potential headache for the owners as there are restrictions on what can be done to the building and any alterations will have to be in keeping with the building and using traditional materials/crafts.

    Good for us who appreciate the building, but potentially expensive for them!

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