Friday Bench: Railway Viaduct with Blue Plaque

This forlorn looking bench sits where New Road curves round into Chippenham’s main shopping area. Its proximity to the railway viaduct and the traffic lights rather than the town’s main action somehow makes it a place to pass by rather than to pause, just like this young mother did.

The blue plaque is showing that the viaduct was designed by the great engineer Brunel as part of his Great Western Railway. It’s a listed building and at the last time of looking was also on the Buildings at Risk register.


2 thoughts on “Friday Bench: Railway Viaduct with Blue Plaque”

  1. Mark – they definitely need to do something as the arches cut the centre of town in half and act as a gateway just like the gateways in the old walls of our towns/cities like York and Chester.

    How to make them more welcoming on litlle or no money is the challenge. Plus Buildings at Risk usually is code for ‘needs pots of cash or will fall down’.

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