Bike Basket

Bicycle basket


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  1. There’s an elderly man I see round town from time to time who has so many soft toys stuck to the basket on the front of his motorised bike (the kind of that’s almost a car but you are allowed to drive it along pavements) that it would work as a buffer if ever he were to crash. Maybe he uses it to move people out of his way. This little doll looks a bit anxious – as if she’s checking there’s no-one in the way. (Or maybe she’s simply worried in case she falls off!)

  2. Or perhaps it’s the way the owner rides their bike Lucy 😉

    She reminds me of the dolls a colleague brought back from South America for us all once – I can’t remember whether they were called worry dolls or if they were for luck. I must look that up

  3. Worry dolls. I’ve made them for little children going to school for the first time too. They really can be a wonderful help during those first nervous weeks. The South American idea is that you tell your worries to the doll before you go to sleep and it takes the worries away overnight. I’ve found that, made with wool and kept in a pocket, they can give great reassurance during the daytime too. The child only has to reach into his or her pocket, touch it – and hand the worry over. If worries get too heavy, even for a pocket, the doll can be taken to a waste paper basket and it will put them in there to lighten the load. (The worries go in, not the doll!) Don’t suppose it would work if there were a ‘proper problem’ but for the nebulous apprehensions that go along with being in a strange (but safe) place – they can be great. Don’t know why I’m going on about this! Seem to have touched on an enthusiasm!

    1. Thanks Esther – after I’d replied to Lucy, my brain confirmed it was indeed worry dolls. It’s interesting my colleague bought us all worry dolls back from her travels. It looks like they’re not just useful to children 🙂

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