Friday Bench: Horatio’s Garden

One of the most important gardens of 2012, Horatio’s Garden officially opened on September 30th. In one corner is a shelter and a bench for quiet contemplation. The stone says Jubilee Garden, because that’s what it was going to be called before Horatio’s untimely death in 2011.

I’ve written much more about this garden here and here. It’s a very special place.

Update: The walls are now painted a warm yellow – see the last picture here.


2 thoughts on “Friday Bench: Horatio’s Garden”

    1. Hi Lucy – this seat looks outwards to the whole of the garden so the view is a lovely one. One of the requirements for the garden was to have places of seclusion. Whilst a patient might want to be outside, they might also want to be alone. This especially applies when patients first come to the hospital.

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