Just Vegetating

Just vegetating

4 thoughts on “Just Vegetating”

    1. They’re fuzzy felt! I’m wondering if the photo needs to be a bit sharper – there were low light levels in the tent.

      1. No, I did realise they are made of felt. (And crochet?) Simply find them a bit odd. I’m probably digging myself a hole – that you are immeasurably proud of having made them . . . certainly neat work. (I expect you will be able to survive my opinions!) (I’ve got a lot of them!) (A bit of sharpening might not go amiss.)

  1. The whole thing is felt, so there’s no crochet involved. They’re not my work so you’re safe 🙂 I fancy having a go at felted work though.

    I rarely do any post-photo work, so no sharpening done. I don’t take high-res images either (trying to prevent image theft) which wouldn’t have helped with the light levels involved.

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