There’s a Storm a Coming

Theres a storm a coming

I went to stay with my blogging friend Karen in north Wales recently and whilst there called in to see another friend in the same village. Her cottage is high above the sea with views towards the dunes and across to the Llyn Peninsula.

The weather was good whilst we were there, but we noticed huge dark clouds out to sea. “How long will it take for that to get here?”, we asked. “Oh about 20 minutes”, came the reply.

So we rushed down to Llandanwg beach, so I would get ‘to touch the sea’ during my stay. We had a look around the tiny chapel right on the beach – dug out from the sand dunes which had engulfed it previously. Then a quick dash onto the seashore where I was struck by the muted colours of the approaching storm. Somehow the landscape seemed to have a more textural, painterly quality to it.

We managed a bracing 40 minutes before the rain sent us rushing to the car to head back home to a toasty fire and warm drinks all round.

2 thoughts on “There’s a Storm a Coming”

  1. That gave me goosebumps – I used to work in the harbour centre you possibly past on your way down to the beach. That beach was a second home, I’ve spent hours lying in the sandunes chatting to friends, watching shooting stars. beautiful photo, took me right back.

    1. Hi Janet – we walked to the harbour and back blown along by the wind as we went. I think we stayed out longer than Kate’s 20 minutes because on the way back the wind was behind us and the raindrops weren’t so noticeable as a result. So glad you enjoyed this – I have some other shots I took on the day which I love. I prefer beaches in dramatic weather!

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