Energising Business

An ironic find from the photos I took on Saturday of the demolition and soon-to-be-gone buildings on a huge chunk of the Westinghouse site in Chippenham.

Westinghouse continues in its latest incarnation as part of the Siemens Group, but doesn’t need the space it once used as the employer of thousands of Chippenham residents.

If you’ve ever travelled by train or on an underground railway, it’s likely products which originated on this site helped you make that journey.

2 thoughts on “Energising Business”

    1. Brian – they’re still there and making stuff. Brakes has moved to Melksham and Signals (where my husband used to work) is still on site. True, they’re not employing the 1000s they used to (and they’re now part of Siemens, as the sign at Chippenham railway station proudly states), but they still make a massive impact on a global scale. I was also in Swindon on Saturday and this week’s Friday Bench comes from the old railway works.

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