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Welcome to Sign of the Times –  a regular photo journal showing the images, objects – especially benches – and life’s general flotsam which has struck a chord with me.

I’m based in Chippenham, so lots of my pictures are from the Wiltshire area, with the occasional foray to places like Bath, Bristol and other travels. You can just about see me and my camera in the middle of the above image 😉

Most of the time I use a very ordinary point and shoot camera. I started with a Canon PowerShot A460, then moved onto a Canon IXUS 105 when that gave up the ghost. I also use an Olympus Stylus XZ-10.

I like the freedom my little point and shoot gives me. I can pop it in my pocket or bag and it’s there when I see something I’d like to photograph. Its shortcomings mean I’ve had to think about my photography a bit more and perhaps come up with a different, more pleasing shot than the one which immediately springs to mind.

In 2014 I bit the bullet and bought a DSLR – a Canon Rebel 5Ti – and it’s been great to return to a camera where I have the ability to control depth of field and exposure times. I’ve been amazed at how much lighter the DSLR is compared to my old film SLRs, but for most of the ‘grab’ style of photography you’ll find on here, the point and shoot is still king.

You may be wondering why my posts are published as VP. That’s the name I chose when I entered the blogosphere in 2007 with my regular blog Veg Plotting. Over there I’m much more wordy: here I want the images to do more of the talking, though sometimes I’ll jot down a few of my thoughts about the image.

I hope you like what you see here and will leave a comment or come back soon 🙂


3 thoughts on “About”

    1. Talasan – thanks for asking. I haven’t put these photos under a creative commons licence, so the answers no to just taking them. If you’d like to purchase something in particular, then get in touch via vegplotting at gmail dot com

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