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Friday Bench: Muskoka Chair

A giant Muskoka aka Adirondack chair at the gateway to Gravenhurst in Canada

Here’s one of the largest ‘benches’ ever featured on Sign of the Times,  pictured with me to add scale 😉

We know these as Adirondack chairs, named for an area in the USA, where the design was first made. However, just over the border in Canada they’re called Muskoka chairs, after an area in Ontario.

This picture was taken on the outskirts of Gravenhurst, a town in the heart of the Muskoka region. As you can see from the photo’s background these chairs are popular – we saw them everywhere we went in Canada. We sat on a fair few of them too!

On our last day in Canada, we drove past where this chair stood, where it lay in pieces on the ground. To us, it seemed it was in sympathy with our departure.

Update: Here‘s what happened to it afterwards. It also appears we’ve seen the world’s largest Muskoka chair.