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London 020

Yesterday’s statue was one of a pair. Here’s a different viewpoint.


London 019

A lot of the government buildings in Whitehall are imposing though fairly plain in their style. I’m reminded of the government, museum and university buildings in Cardiff.

I liked this figure outside the MOD buildings.

The sign on the right is another leftover from the 10K run – showing this was another of the streets closed to traffic.

Running London

London 006

There’d been a 10K run in London last Sunday. We’d seen loads of people on and near various Tube stations in running gear, numbered and with medals round their necks. Quite a lot of the usual route of our tourist bus the first time round was diverted because the streets were closed. Elsewhere, traffic chaos reigned.

You can also see some of the art for sale at Green Park – it’s all along the railings bordering the park. I think it’s there just at weekends, or even just Sundays.

Trashy London

London 014

The sign on the left shows the rubbish collection (twice a day on most days), plus the recycling (Fridays) collections for the City of  Westminster. London actually comprises of 2 cities- don’t ask!

Let’s assume that the No Loading sign doesn’t apply to the rubbish cart 😉

The sign also requests that rubbish is put out no more than 30 minutes before the collection time. Presumably this is to keep London looking at its most attractive for the longest amount of time – this was taken from the top of  a tourist bus after all.

Unlike Wiltshire, the kerbside recycling collection includes cardboard and plastic as well as paper, glass and cans. We can also put clothes out for collection. Why is recycling so different everywhere???

The pillar on the left has an intriguing mark on it – I wonder what W ^ D No. 37 means. War Department?