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Friday Bench: For Toby

Who needs a tiny little plaque when you can proclaim loudly and proudly whose life this bench commemorates?

Sadly Toby died too young (aged 20) and the memorial fund raised in his name paid for defibrillators to be placed in the town as well as 3 memorial benches in his name.


You May Telephone From Here

This might be the smallest telephone box ever! Squeezed inside is the brightest of yellow phones, which looks quite out of place when compared to its more ancient surroundings.

I found this at the gateway to Powis Castle, so we assumed it’s to ask for entry when the gate is locked.

Friday Bench: The Dingle II

Photo of benches at The Dingle nursery near Welshpool

Here’s a tip other nurseries could follow. Provide a free tea and coffee machine for your visitors with benches that looks out over your nursery which is stuffed to the gills with healthy plants and has friendly, knowledgeable staff on hand to help.

I don’t think I’ve ever seen a nursery so packed with plants before.

View over the Dingle Nursery