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That’s ‘andy!

That's 'andy!
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We knew travelling on the M1/A1 on a Friday is madness and were prepared for that. What we weren’t prepared for were the queues of traffic on practically every road we took on our journey up north.

Here’s one of the few bright spots we found on our way, seen as we took the slip road off the M5 to Strensham services.


Friday Bench: Reposer Vos Roues

Friday Bench Reposer Vos Roues

AKA ‘Rest Your Wheels’. The Tour de France was one of the themes for this year’s Spring Gardening Show at Malvern. I particularly liked the attention to detail in this show garden depicting a typical French cafe. And on a very windy day, the scent whipped up from the oodles of lavender which bordered one side of the garden was marvellous 🙂