Wells 10092009 105

Black Dog of Wells produces the most amazing bespoke terracotta tiles and plaques. I think this is absolutely gorgeous.


Wells High Street

Wells 10092009 035Either side of Wells High Street is a rill with running water remiscent of rubbish disposal during Medieval times. We were unsure whether natural springs fed these rills or whether they were a little more contrived.

Friday Bench: Chippenham High Street

Chippenham 29082009 033

These two ladies were competely oblivious to the world whirling around them and talked loudly and animatedly to each other in their own language. They were a delight to hear and see.

 I took the photo during a brief interlude when they weren’t surrounded by other shoppers. Behind them is the old Woolworths shop – empty since early last December – in spite of a local’s attempts to try and get something going along the lines of  Wellworths, which opened a few months ago in Dorchester.

Cathedral Oak

Oak Tree Corsham Court 02092009 004

Last week I went for a walk across Corsham Court’s parkland as Mark, one of my regular local readers over at Veg Plotting had tipped me off about an oak tree that had split in half.

It’s an awesome sight and when I stepped underneath the fallen portion, I felt like I was standing in a cathedral of oak. As the leaves are brown, I’m wondering if this portion of the tree was already dead or dying and last week’s strong winds were enough to bring it crashing down.

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