Friday Bench: Bradford on Avon

Bradford on Avon Station

For some reason the bloke in the advert reminds me of Iggy Pop.


You Have Reached Your Destination?

Banksy & Bristol 103

When you come out of the Banksy exhibition, you view the world slightly differently. You expect things to be not quite what they seem and sometimes that view of the world is rewarded.

I found this on the A4 going out of Bristol, just past Bristol Temple Meads station.

Park Street V

Public Planting & Banksy 16072009 066

And here is the real Banksy next to yesterday’s picture. Coincidentally the building originally housed a family planning advice centre when this was done. The council were going to erase it, but the Bristol public voted for it to stay. The blue paint was ‘added’ the first week the Banksy exhibition opened at the City Museum in June. As you can see not all of it could be removed without ruining the original painting.

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