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Willow sculpture by Laura Ellen Bacon at the Holburne Museum in Bath

This amazing wrap-around sculpture by Laura Ellen Bacon can be seen at the Holburne Museum in Bath until October 4th 2015.

Her artist’s statement on her website says:

“I relish the opportunity to let a building ‘feed’ the form, as if some part of the building is exhaling into the work.”

Friday Bench: Two Tunnels

Bench at the Two Tunnels entrance in Bath

The Two Tunnels stretch of the Sustrans cycle path in Bath is proving to be most popular since it opened last summer. We had an enjoyable walk through both last month and discovered quite a surprise in the tunnels themselves. However, it’s more appropriate today to focus on the bench at the start of our walk.

The people featured were voted by residents for their resonance with Bath. They are a Roman centurion, Harry Patch (the last Tommy) and Winter Olympic gold medallist Amy Williams.

Illuminate Bath II

Illuminate Bath II

As well as the man-made exhibition put on for Illuminate Bath, we rather liked this unusual cloud formation in the night sky. Apologies for the slight fuzziness, this is a hand-held shot! The bright dot is the crescent moon and the two light trails are Jupiter and Venus which currently are very bright in the night sky.

A lady passer-by thanked us for bringing it to her attention ๐Ÿ™‚