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Friday Bench: Moreton-in-Marsh

Moreton in Marsh 25082009 081 (9)

A very different bench as it’s part of the village’s old stocks – a form of Medieval punishment for minor crimes. The transgressor couldn’t escape as their legs were put through the holes and chained. The rest of the village would then jeer and pelt them with rotten food.

I’m not sure how much of this scene is original!

Friday Bench: Station Hill

Station Hill

This is at the top of Station Hill outside the disused Royal Mail sorting office. The hill’s quite steep, but this is the first time I’ve seen it being used.

I’m also pondering the flowers as they’re quite different to those seen elsewhere in the centre of town. I’m wondering if they were provided by someone other than the Town Council.

Friday Bench: Chippenham High Street

Chippenham 29082009 033

These two ladies were competely oblivious to the world whirling around them and talked loudly and animatedly to each other in their own language. They were a delight to hear and see.

 I took the photo during a brief interlude when they weren’t surrounded by other shoppers. Behind them is the old Woolworths shop – empty since early last December – in spite of a local’s attempts to try and get something going along the lines of  Wellworths, which opened a few months ago in Dorchester.