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Friday Bench: Through a Glass Window

Man sitting on a bench in an office block across from a covered pedestrian walkway at Canary Wharf

Totally alone, yet connected to the world via his mobile phone.

I’m struck how the pictures from my visits to cities often have a sense of being overwhelmed or lonesome in such a barren space. Strong shapes also influence the pictures I take.

I saw this picture whilst walking through the covered pedestrian walkway on Adams Plaza Bridge and looked across to one of the tall office blocks at Canary Wharf.

Here’s the original view I saw, without using the zoom.

Friday Bench: original view

A New Bridge for Chippenham

An early morning start last week allowed me to view the recently opened new bridge at Chippenham station.

This replaced the previous one which only gave pedestrian access to the centre of town (there is another bridge for getting to the platforms) and the Barrow Crossing which I’ve featured before.

It also allows access to the platforms via stairs and a lift. For some reason the bridge’s windows have locks on them, which are locked. I wonder when they’d be opened and who would do that.

It’s only taken 25 years of campaigning and a few million pounds to get this new bridge installed. If the line wasn’t in the process of being electrified (the old bridge was too low for that), would we still be waiting?

You can get an inkling of what the old bridge was like here.

Monochrome Bay

Monochrome Bay

One of the joys of visiting friends in north Wales is the opportunity to see my beloved Mawddach Estuary near Barmouth in many moods. Last Thursday’s late afternoon sunshine ahead of me turned my picture into dark and silver without the need of manipulating my digital camera’s shot.

And then, just as I turned away to get back to my car, I heard the train leave Barmouth station to head out onto the ancient trestle bridge across the estuary mouth.  I love this bridge – it’s a highlight of any bike ride along the Mawddach Trail. It was threatened with closure at one time as it was going to cost a hefty sum to repair. Instead the train takes the bridge slowly, as if its very presence might bring it crashing down.

My first sight of this bridge was on my first holiday 30 years ago with my (now) husband. We were staying in a remote cottage up Cader Idris and one day walked the high pathway above the river towards Barmouth. When we reached the estuary we looked down, to see a waterspout hit the bridge. That little drama didn’t bring it crashing down either.

On Millennium Bridge

I’ve labelled this post as ‘Art’ because there’s an amazing sound ‘sculpture’ which can be heard whilst on the bridge. It’s an evocative trip through the area’s history and is most apt when walking the other way as the Tate Gallery is at the other end.

It’s amazing how the view to St Paul’s Cathedral has changed since I first visited London in the 1960s.

Perpetrator Productions I

For those who are curious, here’s more about Perpetrator Productions. Sadly their site doesn’t include this one seen in Bristol recently…yet.

Aha! But they do have a presence on Facebook and it’s rather good 🙂

Aha! Aha! I accidentally published this post on Saturday and on Sunday lunchtime I received a comment with a link to the following video. Sadly they didn’t capture me doing the bit on the score re taking out my camera and taking a picture 😉

If the embedded YouTube video doesn’t work, try this link instead.

Twin Sails

Twin Sails Bridge, Poole

This weekend, pedestrians will be able to walk over the new Twin Sails bridge in Poole with proceeds going to charity. It’ll be open to traffic a little later and a full-blown official royal opening plus Red Arrows fly-past is due in early March.

It marks the start of the redevelopment of the old power station site in the heart of Poole. The new bridge should also prevent some of the traffic chaos which occurs when the town bridge swings open to let sail traffic through.