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On Millennium Bridge

I’ve labelled this post as ‘Art’ because there’s an amazing sound ‘sculpture’ which can be heard whilst on the bridge. It’s an evocative trip through the area’s history and is most apt when walking the other way as the Tate Gallery is at the other end.

It’s amazing how the view to St Paul’s Cathedral has changed since I first visited London in the 1960s.

Perpetrator Productions I

For those who are curious, here’s more about Perpetrator Productions. Sadly their site doesn’t include this one seen in Bristol recently…yet.

Aha! But they do have a presence on Facebook and it’s rather good 🙂

Aha! Aha! I accidentally published this post on Saturday and on Sunday lunchtime I received a comment with a link to the following video. Sadly they didn’t capture me doing the bit on the score re taking out my camera and taking a picture 😉

If the embedded YouTube video doesn’t work, try this link instead.

Twin Sails

Twin Sails Bridge, Poole

This weekend, pedestrians will be able to walk over the new Twin Sails bridge in Poole with proceeds going to charity. It’ll be open to traffic a little later and a full-blown official royal opening plus Red Arrows fly-past is due in early March.

It marks the start of the redevelopment of the old power station site in the heart of Poole. The new bridge should also prevent some of the traffic chaos which occurs when the town bridge swings open to let sail traffic through.

Friday Bench: Railway Viaduct with Blue Plaque

This forlorn looking bench sits where New Road curves round into Chippenham’s main shopping area. Its proximity to the railway viaduct and the traffic lights rather than the town’s main action somehow makes it a place to pass by rather than to pause, just like this young mother did.

The blue plaque is showing that the viaduct was designed by the great engineer Brunel as part of his Great Western Railway. It’s a listed building and at the last time of looking was also on the Buildings at Risk register.

The Woman Who Lost Her Husband

It’s funny the brief encounters you make on holiday and how people will readily share a  snapshot of their lives with you. This is a bridge on the Llangollen canal at Whixall and I was struck by how lost and out of place this woman was looking. This is quite a remote place to find someone wandering around with a handbag rather than togged up in full walking/boating/farming gear.

It turned out she’d been tending to her horse nearby which had an abcess on its foot. Her husband had dropped her off and then driven off elsewhere to take their dog for a walk. However, he was nowhere to be seen and long overdue to pick her up.

Luckily 10 minutes after our conversation, a horn bipped behind me and it was the reunited couple coming along the track in their car. It turned out her husband was someone I’d waved to earlier on the opposite side of the canal. I thought he was the boat owner, but he’d just stopped to have a chat with the person who was.

The next day I heard my husband chatting to someone in the garden of the canalside cottage we were renting. It was the same guy. The locals are very friendly in North Shropshire!