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Friday Bench: Ducky’s 30

Deckchairs outside Ducky's cafe

OK, I admit I’ve strayed into tenuous bench territory,  well actually not-bench territory with these deck chairs at Beer, but in my defence I love their bright cheerfulness and the promise summer will come.

Ducky’s is the beachside cafe, who appear to own most if not all of the deck chairs on the beach. It’s a nice sideline for them and a way of still earning an income even if daytrippers choose to bring their own refreshments.

I had some suspicious looks from the attendant whilst I took this photo. I’m sure he thought I was up to no good, or going to try to sit down without paying. This photo was taken early morning, before most people had arrived for the day.

Breakfast at Bewley’s

Breakfast at Bewley's

A trip to Bewley’s was a traditional treat when I worked in Dublin and now it’s a treat when we visit too.

It was too busy for us to be seated downstairs, so we were whisked upstairs to the mezzanine area where we had a good view of everything.

I love the guy sprawling with the day’s paper in contrast to the one next to him with his iPad; the potted plants; and the people stopping by to buy the tempting cakes on display (we were tempted by the almond croissants). The blurred waiter symbolises how they quietly and smoothly rush around their service area making sure customers have everything they need.

And being Ireland, Dublin and a society which really appreciates literature, it’s natural that this wonderful cafe should have its own theatre. How I wished we could have stayed to see Oscar Wilde’s The Happy Prince!