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At Bewley’s

Bewley’s is a Dublin institution. Sadly the one which I’d visited previously on Westmoreland Street is now closed, but the iconic cafe on Grafton Street is still open for business. On the second floor there is a theatre which has lunchtime and evening performances. The Boomtown Rats often met here and the plaque on the left of the picture (part of Dublin’s Rock n’ Roll Music trail) says that this where ‘Rat Trap’ was written by Bob Geldorf.

Bewley’s dates from 1840 and this cafe from the 1920s. Inside is all Art Deco, potted palms, waitresses dressed in black with starched white aprons and caps plus attentive service. We had breakfast here after our very early morning flight to Dublin airport.

Living Roof

Westonbirt 14102009 004

Green or Living Rooves are a hot topic at the moment. They add to a place’s biodiversity and are a good insulator. Of course the structure needs to be super strong to bear the weight of the soil and plants and only shallow-rooted plants such as sedums, grasses and some wildflowers and other alpines are suited to this kind of area.

The cafe at Westonbirt is the first larger-scale example of this kind of installation I’ve seen.