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This way to the Roof Garden

Signs to the Roof Garden at Crossrail Place

At first, finding your way to the Roof Garden at Crossrail Place is quite hard. It’s not on the official guidance outside the Tube station, and the first signs you see later on your way are tiny and easily missed.

Then when you’re almost there, the signs are HUGE. It’s as if they’re making up for the lack of signage elsewhere.


Friday Bench: Through a Glass Window

Man sitting on a bench in an office block across from a covered pedestrian walkway at Canary Wharf

Totally alone, yet connected to the world via his mobile phone.

I’m struck how the pictures from my visits to cities often have a sense of being overwhelmed or lonesome in such a barren space. Strong shapes also influence the pictures I take.

I saw this picture whilst walking through the covered pedestrian walkway on Adams Plaza Bridge and looked across to one of the tall office blocks at Canary Wharf.

Here’s the original view I saw, without using the zoom.

Friday Bench: original view