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Living on the Edge

Geraniums and vintage car on the outskirts of Chippenham

I’m exploring some of the wildflowers which are blooming right on the outskirts of Chippenham and Geranium pratense is an abundant native wildflower here in Wiltshire. I often see it at this time of year in the Donkey Field on my walks into town.

It also likes the approach to Chippenham and I had a serendipitous encounter recently with it and a vintage car which must have been out on a run from an event at Castle Combe.

Olympic Dreams: Hathaway Retail Park

I searched in vain for the owner, but sadly there was no sign. I’d like to think it was someone like Sir Chris Hoy passing through.

Seeing the car and the posters recently has made me think about the Olympics and what it means to this country. There’s been lots of criticism about how once again London and the south-east stand to gain the most from the event.

However, up and down the land there’s thousands of people busting a gut and dreaming about representing GB in our home Olympics. Pretty much every community will have someone with that dream, so we’re all touched by it in some way.

My husband even trains with one of them from time to time. Stephanie Millward may spend most of her time training with the rest of the Paralympic swimming hopefuls in Swansea these days, but she still comes home and swims at Corsham pool, where her own dreams started around 15 years ago. Next year she and the rest of the Paralympic team (not just the swimmers) will be based in nearby Bath for their final preparations for the Games.


Lacock Morgan 04102009 064 (1)

I visited Lacock with friends recently and there also appeared to be a Morgan owners outing there that day as the National Trust car park was full of them. All were neatly turned out and brightly polished. How the umbrella stayed in place on this particular car when on the move was most intriguing.