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House of Charity

Money slot for alms at the House of St Barnabas


To Commemorate Today’s Royal Wedding…

… the local charity shops have had a rummage around in their donation bin bags and brought out anything vaguely royal or wedding-y to decorate their shop windows.

Down the road from these two, the local Oxfam specialises in secondhand wedding gear, and has even been known to supply Eastenders from time to time.

Living Water

I met up with Friends in Bath on Saturday to go to a couple of exhibitions – it was murder because the city was packed with hordes of Christmas shoppers.

St Michael’s Church in the heart of the centre offers a brief respite from the mayhem and has a good cafe offering hearty filled rolls, squishy cake and large cups of coffee. The staff all sport aprons with the slogan Food for the Soul.

The proceeds from the cafe go to support church projects in India.

As you can see, no opportunity is lost to spread His message. I found the pictured sign in the loo when I went to wash my hands.