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Beware Low Flying Motorbikes

Chippenham 17092009 003

This building is at the top of a tiny little road leading off from Station Hill which goes down into town. I think it’s quite old, though that might be deceptive because it’s also seen better days.

I like the textures though – and the juxtaposition with the road sign. By the way it’s been placed, it seems the sign goes with the building rather than the road.

Door World

Door World

This is the nearest shop to where I live – just a few minutes walk away. In view of what’s sold there,  I thought it’d be ironic to photograph it when it was closed.

However, it doesn’t seem to be open during the day either. We need some new doors for downstairs, and wanting to support our nearest and local business popped along there to see what they have on offer. No-one was there when we went in apart from a man working in the adjacent workshop. Although we made ourselves known to him, he didn’t come into the shop to help us make a choice.

So we took our choice elsewhere to the not so local, national business in Swindon – B & Q – where a most helpful man who specialises in doors soon ordered just what we wanted.