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I’d Rather Trust a…

Id Rather Trust a dealer

Just in case you can’t make it out, the wording is:

“I’d rather trust a dealer on a badly lit street corner

Than a criminal in a three piece suit”

Seeing we’re in Temple Bar in Dublin and not that far from several banking institutions, I have a pretty good idea who ‘the criminal’ might be.

Breakfast at Bewley’s

Breakfast at Bewley's

A trip to Bewley’s was a traditional treat when I worked in Dublin and now it’s a treat when we visit too.

It was too busy for us to be seated downstairs, so we were whisked upstairs to the mezzanine area where we had a good view of everything.

I love the guy sprawling with the day’s paper in contrast to the one next to him with his iPad; the potted plants; and the people stopping by to buy the tempting cakes on display (we were tempted by the almond croissants). The blurred waiter symbolises how they quietly and smoothly rush around their service area making sure customers have everything they need.

And being Ireland, Dublin and a society which really appreciates literature, it’s natural that this wonderful cafe should have its own theatre. How I wished we could have stayed to see Oscar Wilde’s The Happy Prince!

Friday Bench: Dublin

Since I last went to Dublin in 2005, all kinds of buildings have sprung up, mainly of the luxury flats variety and today most of them seem to be empty or sparsely populated owing to the demise of the Celtic Tiger economy. Some of the more unusual on offer were these flats by the entrance to the Museum of Contemporary Art which are reminiscent of a Mondrian painting or suchlike.

In contrast the forlorn nature of the men sitting on the bench alongside was most striking. I’m not sure how permanent this bench might be…