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Caution: Sign Overload Ahead

On entering the farm part of Cannon Hall, we were met by a bank of rather off putting signs. Apparently these were in place before all the recent hoo-ha over petting farms and the dangers of e-coli. There were almost as many signs dotted around the place as there were animals on view. And loads of hand-gel washing stations.

It  wasn’t like this when I was an agricultural student!


During the Christmas Holidays we visited Cannon Hall, which has a ‘petting farm’ full of sheep, goats, pigs, llamas, rabbits and guinea pigs amongst other things.

I think cows might be considered a bit dangerous for the visiting children, so we found a couple of concrete versions in one of the sheds instead. I think the idea is to demonstrate where milk comes from, though of course it doesn’t really show how cows are really milked these days.

However, my niece and nephew found it thoroughly amusing to milk a pretend cow. I found the whole thing a bit surreal.