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Friday Bench: At Foxham Horse Show

An improvised set of benches fashioned from some of the items used for the show jumping classes at Foxham Horse Show last weekend.

Unusually for a country show, most of the seating being used were the hundreds of horses entered for the various classes held in 9 show rings on the day.

Lined up, the jump components are reminiscent of nearby Maud Heath’s Causeway at Kellaways, which I drove past on the way to the showground.

Foxham Lock

The Wilts and Berks canal is derelict, though there is an active campaign to get it reopened despite parts of it being completely filled in e.g. in Chippenham the old wharf is now the main bus station. However, just a few miles away in the village of Foxham, there’s a stretch which is currently undergoing restoration work.