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Friday Bench: The Seven Ages of Maritime Heritage

There’s a fascinating set of plaques along Minehead harbour wall, with room to sit and stare awhile to look for the answers to the puzzles posed alongside (as well as what each piece represents).

Here’s some information – I would have loved to hear the sea shanties. We have sung the Halsway Carol at choir as in Halsway Manor mentioned below.


West Beacon

Whitby has 2 beacons at the harbour entrance. The one on the other side (aka East Beacon) is bright red. I was intrigued by the mixture of the historical structure of the beacon itself and the modern-day touch in the form of the solar panel. This looked like it was broken towards the top left hand side, whilst the beacon itself was standing firm albeit a little rusty in places. So much for the standard of construction of modern day stuff!