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Part of the overhead line used to transport bits of engine or completed ones from one part of the works to another with a few visual clues to say what the old works at Swindon is used for today.


What a Hoot!

This is part of the old GWR works in Swindon, where railway engines were built until the 1960s. The last steam train to be made in Britain (Evening Star) was built here.

These are the hooters which marked out the shifts of the 1000s of people who worked here. Now the site is being redeveloped – houses, shops (including a clothing outlet centre) and the headquarters of the National Trust and English Heritage are to be found on the site. There’s also Steam, a museum within part of the old works showing how things used to be. Worthy, but quite sad really.

All around there are reminders of what happened on this site which I will be exploring this week.