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Darwin’s Deli

Delivering lunch to London offices. I wonder if an actual Darwin is involved…



Each time I go to the RHS Halls in London, I seem to take a completely different route to get there once I get into the rabbit warren of side streets by Westminster Cathedral. I don’t mind as there’s always something interesting to see along the way.

Last week my attention was caught by an old building which appears to have been quite an important Post Office called Howick House. It’s undergoing a transformation at the moment and I’m not sure if the demolition notices on it means that the whole building will go, or if it’s just a refurbishment into new offices or flats.

I was struck by this detail on the ironwork on part of the building, showing it must have been one of the early post offices built as the emblem is VR, showing it was built during Victoria’s reign. I’ve seen this emblem on a few post boxes before, but not a Post Office.

I thought I’d record it for posterity in case the whole building is going. I hope not – it’s a rather attractive one in an area of rather attractive buildings.