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Friday Bench: Swindon

The outside of the old railway works and the part which houses last Saturday’s pictured hooters. This is on one of the main thoroughfares into the outlet centre and the benches merge so well with their backgound they look like they’ve been camouflaged!

Model Railway Village

The railway company also provided housing, a school, a further education centre and more for its workers right next to the factory where they worked. These houses date back to 1842, but are substantial and the choice of stone used mean they look almost new today. I believe there are restrictions on what can and can’t be grown in the front gardens so that the appearance of the ‘village’ is kept consistent.

There are a few rows of these ‘back to backs’ which are all slightly different in appearance.

What a Hoot!

This is part of the old GWR works in Swindon, where railway engines were built until the 1960s. The last steam train to be made in Britain (Evening Star) was built here.

These are the hooters which marked out the shifts of the 1000s of people who worked here. Now the site is being redeveloped – houses, shops (including a clothing outlet centre) and the headquarters of the National Trust and English Heritage are to be found on the site. There’s also Steam, a museum within part of the old works showing how things used to be. Worthy, but quite sad really.

All around there are reminders of what happened on this site which I will be exploring this week.