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The talking statue

Brunel: One of London's Talking Statues

Since the last time we met Brunel, he’s moved platforms* and become one of London’s Talking Statues.

Hugh Bonneville plays the part of Brunel. Β I can feel another London project coming on…

* = The Paddington bench currently resides where Brunel used to be. TheyΒ remind me of the Musical Statues game we used to play as children πŸ˜‰

Brunel statue at Paddington Station

The Language of London

Poster advertising the Language of London exhibition which celebrates the Johnson typeface

How wonderful to find this poster advertising an exhibition which celebrates the Johnston Typeface.

The typefaceΒ was commissioned in 1913 by Frank Pick, the Commercial Manager of the then UndergroundΒ Electric Railways Company of London.

As you can see by the adjacent poster, this iconic typeface is still in use on the Tube today.


Games Makers

A bit of a hark bark to the summer on the blog today. At the end of August we went to the Paralympics. When we arrived in London, I was busy taking photos of how the city had been transformed by the Games. Whilst at Paddington I ended up following a crowd of Games Makers, presumably on their way to the Olympic Park for their shift. Everyone’s remarked on how cheerful and helpful the Games Makers were and how much they helped to create a wonderful atmosphere at the Games. I’m happy to say the pictured women were as naturally cheerful off duty as those we met on duty πŸ™‚