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Bubblegum Pink

I went to Bristol by train recently and was surprised to find this bright pink Gumdrop near the ticket barrier. I whipped out my camera to take this photo, much to the amusement of the ticket attendant.

“That’s new, how long has it been here?” I asked her.

“Oh about a year”, she replied. So much for my powers of observation then.

“Not only that”, chimed in a fellow passenger, “it’s made out of recycled chewing gum.”

I looked more closely and by gum, she’s right…


Friday Bench: Inside the Bat Cave

Bench in the bat enclosure at Durrell Wildlife Park

This wasn’t the only use of recycled tyres in the bat enclosure at Durrell Wildlife Park. Filled with earth, they form the walls too.

It makes for heat retentive walls which helps to maintain the temperature required to keep the bats happy at night and has significantly reduced heating bills compared to the previous enclosure.