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A surprise find in the Cathedral shop in Salisbury. Now, if certain other visitors had said they’d seen these, would their story be more believable? 😉


Friday Bench: In the news

It’s not often that a bench hits the international headlines. Even less so when it appears to be at the centre of a spy drama. The fact that it’s such an ordinary bench and around 40 miles from me means it just had to feature as a Friday Bench.

There’s no photo as they’re copyright, so you’ll need to take the link.

Friday Bench: Horatio’s Garden

One of the most important gardens of 2012, Horatio’s Garden officially opened on September 30th. In one corner is a shelter and a bench for quiet contemplation. The stone says Jubilee Garden, because that’s what it was going to be called before Horatio’s untimely death in 2011.

I’ve written much more about this garden here and here. It’s a very special place.

Update: The walls are now painted a warm yellow – see the last picture here.