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Food Lovers in the City

One of the more bizarre moments on holiday in Prague was finding these giant items bouncing up and down by the escalators in one of the new shopping centres.

The doughnut and strawberry on a fork were odd enough, but I’m not really sure how a handbag and a heart of roses fit with the theme!


Friday Bench: Ghostly Shoppers

Whilst I was in Bristol last week taking pictures of the Christmas lights for Veg Plotting, I’d moved upstairs at Cabot Circus to get a different viewpoint of the tree with its Christmas lights.

Whilst there, I noticed the relative stillness of the 2 people on the bench compared with the shoppers passing them. As I was taking hand held pictures in relatively low light, I thought this might result in some interesting shots, suggesting solitude amongst the Christmas shopping melee.

The light patterns on the floor are from a lighting effect projected from the second floor. The tree is a real one and because it’s growing in a semi-covered spot, it hasn’t lost all of its leaves yet.