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This way to the Roof Garden

Signs to the Roof Garden at Crossrail Place

At first, finding your way to the Roof Garden at Crossrail Place is quite hard. It’s not on the official guidance outside the Tube station, and the first signs you see later on your way are tiny and easily missed.

Then when you’re almost there, the signs are HUGE. It’s as if they’re making up for the lack of signage elsewhere.


That’s ‘andy!

That's 'andy!
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We knew travelling on the M1/A1 on a Friday is madness and were prepared for that. What we weren’t prepared for were the queues of traffic on practically every road we took onΒ our journey up north.

Here’s one of the few bright spots we found on our way, seen as we took the slip road off the M5 to Strensham services.