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Early Geraniums

Early geraniums at Turnham Green tube station

I spotted these early* geraniums at Turnham Green tube station last week. Note how they and the painted metalwork match the tube train which just happened to be hurtling by.

* = possibly overwintered seeing it’s been so mild, or due to London’s heat island effect, or both.


Monochrome Bay

Monochrome Bay

One of the joys of visiting friends in north Wales is the opportunity to see my beloved Mawddach Estuary near Barmouth in many moods. Last Thursday’s late afternoon sunshine ahead of me turned my picture into dark and silver without the need of manipulating my digital camera’s shot.

And then, just as I turned away to get back to my car, I heard the train leave Barmouth station to head out onto the ancient trestle bridge across the estuary mouth.  I love this bridge – it’s a highlight of any bike ride along the Mawddach Trail. It was threatened with closure at one time as it was going to cost a hefty sum to repair. Instead the train takes the bridge slowly, as if its very presence might bring it crashing down.

My first sight of this bridge was on my first holiday 30 years ago with my (now) husband. We were staying in a remote cottage up Cader Idris and one day walked the high pathway above the river towards Barmouth. When we reached the estuary we looked down, to see a waterspout hit the bridge. That little drama didn’t bring it crashing down either.